Floating Calculator

Floating calculator appears in front of any applications running on your device. You can interact with any contents behind it, move it into any place on the screen or hide the calculator's keypad.

  • Simple and familiar interface
  • Memory functions
  • Percentages
  • Mathematical functions (trigonometrical, hyperbolic, exponential)
  • Copy and paste
  • Five user defined buttons

Display functions

  • Drag the display to move the calculator to any location on the screen
  • Click the display to hide or show the keypad
  • Use menu button on the display left for additional functions

Menu functions

Copy last result into the clipboard taking into account your locale decimal separator
Paste contents of the clipboard. Program will try to recognize decimal number in the text to preview
Switch radians/degrees mode of calculation of trigonometric functions and convert current value according to the setting
Go to this page
Exit the program

Hide & Exit

This button "minimizes" calculator into the notification area, so you can launch it again from within another application
Use menu exit to close calculator without that notification

Clear & Backspace

Backspace and clear functions are switched automatically. Hold down the backspace button to clear the display at any time


Memory button changes its behavior depending on context, but all memory functions are available by long press the button


Hold down the equals button to get popup with functions of parentheses. While open parentheses are present, the button will display a closing parenthesis, but you always can call the popup to get the other functions.

User defined buttons

Green buttons on the right could be redefined. Clicks on these buttons calls appropriate functions while long press will bring up the window with all the functions avaliable

Clicks on buttons in the popup just calls the functions, the window will disappear. To redefine green button you should long press that function.


200 + 5%   →   210(200 plus 5% of 200)
200 - 5%   →   190(200 minus 20% of 200)
200 × 5%   →   10(10 is 5% of 200)
200 ÷ 5%   →   4000(200 is 5% of 4000)

Round down

129.479   →   129.47
129.4   →   129
129   →   120
1.299e-15   →   1.29e-15


129.479   →   129.48
129.5   →   130
130   →   100
1.299e-15   →   1.3e-15
Note that subsequent calls will be applied to the initial value, so round(round(123.45)) results 123 while round(123.5) is 124


  1. Is there a way to clear history (all & selectively)? Not in help on website or app. Can't seem to find online help. Please reply rhrosen@gmail.com

    1. To clear the history just close the calculator by long pressing the red button (or using the menu) then reopen it. All the unmarked items will be cleared.

    2. 2 years later, Doesn't work...

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  3. Won't maintain resize on LG G7 thinq running Verizon 9.0.
    This is the most recent purchased version of Floating Calculator.

  4. Is there a way to limit the number of decimal points to 2?