Floating Calculator Free

Floating calculator appears in front of any applications running on your device. You can interact with any contents behind it, move it into any place on the screen or hide the calculator's keypad.


  • Simple and familiar interface
  • Memory functions
  • Percentages
  • Basic mathematical functions (much more are in the full version)
  • Free and no ads

Display functions

  • Drag the display to move the calculator to any location on the screen
  • Click the display to hide or show the keypad
  • Use menu button on the display left for additional functions


Memory button changes its behavior depending on context, but all memory functions are available by long press the button

Clear & Backspace

Backspace and clear functions are switched automatically. Hold down the backspace button to clear the display at any time


200 + 5%   →   210(200 plus 5% of 200)
200 - 5%   →   190(200 minus 20% of 200)
200 × 5%   →   10(10 is 5% of 200)
200 ÷ 5%   →   4000(200 is 5% of 4000)

Round down

123.456   →   123.45
123.4   →   123
123   →   120
1.23e-5   →   1.2e-5

Hide & Exit

This button "minimizes" calculator into the notification area, so you can launch it again from within another application
Use menu exit to close calculator without that notification


  1. Stop the vibration on the key stroke

  2. Parênteses apenas na versão paga?

  3. Purchased version seems to be locked to the upper left quarter of the screen when dragging the calculator to a new position. Free version works perfectly. Suspect last update is problem. Android, Verizon LG G7 thinq OS 9.0 Software Ver. G710VM20f. Thank you.

    1. Reset phone. Ok now. Suspect it had something to do with screen size or adjusting display in settings. Reset cleared problem.

  4. How am i suppossed to do.idont know